Honoring Our Veterans: Discounts Available at Arizona Dental

Veterans Day is a special day to honor the courage and patriotism of our veterans. At Arizona Dental, we recognize this day as an opportunity to thank all military personnel for their selfless service. To show our appreciation, we are offering free basic dental care in our office this November. The Philipp Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Centers also offer a 10% discount to all veterans.

Dr. Justin Philipp estimates that 10-15% of his clientele are veterans, and the Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 350,000-650,000 veterans live in Arizona. At Arizona Dental, we understand the importance of providing veterans with the right to basic dental care to restore their oral health. We believe that this is an essential part of helping them adjust to civilian life after their service.

In the words of one veteran: “Getting home was really the lowest point in my life, and I was two pounds short of being one of the statistics — the suicide statistic for a veteran — if it hadn't been for another Marine who intervened.”This Veterans Day, let us all take a moment to thank our veterans for their bravery and commitment to our country. We are proud to offer discounts and free basic dental care at Arizona Dental as a small token of our appreciation.

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